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Cryotherapy for Genital Warts: What to Consider Before You Try It


A medical procedure that involves application of extreme cold to destroy abnormal growths is known as cryotherapy. Most doctors consider it to be the most effective and efficient way of getting rid of genital warts. Other effective way to get rid of this menace includes imiquimod, surgical excision and podofilox. The procedure should however be done in the presence of a qualified doctor despite the fact that one may have all the required chemicals to freeze within one's home.


These procedures mainly require liquid nitrogen as the primary chemical to be used. This chemical is used to blast the genital warts into deep freeze. The nitrogen liquid is first cooled and then sprayed onto the wart. After few days, the area around the wart blisters and forms a scab. The scab and the wart begin to fall off. However, to eliminate the entire wart, several treatment sessions needs to be taken.


The other major advantage of cryotherapy is that it is very non-invasive. Its side effects include negligible scarring and rashes which are very mild. The surrounding healthy skin may however be damaged. The other effects include patients having some inflation in the treated area as well as feeling moderate pain which could be relieved by taking oral analgesics such as ibuprofen and asprin along with some ointment on the inflated area. Sometimes blisters may develop but they always turn to scabs and later pull off.


Before deciding to undergo the procedure, it is important for one to understand that the virus that brings about this infection is not killed by taking the procedure. The virus remains in one's body for a long time without manifesting its symptoms. This means that one could experience recurrence of genital warts in future. Those infected with HPV have a high risk of transmitting it to another person and women are at a very high risk. There is a certain type of HPV that could cause cervical cancer on women.


Cryotherapy at this site has been medically proved to eliminate genital warts effectively when compared to podophyllin treatment. According to research done by some proficient doctors, it was found that 79% of those treated with cryotherapy were free of warts while only 51% treated using podophyllins were found to be free. It is important to note that this treatment can be both expensive and affordable depending on the extend of infestation.